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These trips require average marksmanship with less than 100-yard shots being most common. Glassing and stalking for short distances along beaches and grassy creek mouths during the afternoons is the most common method of hunting. Physical demands are low to average and typically suited to all hunters from young beginners to the physically challenged. Seasonal temperatures in the mid 50-degree F. range with daily occurrence of showers make rain-gear and waterproof boots, hat and gloves essential. Typical spring boars have excellent hides, average 300 pounds, and square 6 1/2 to 71/2 feet. Although 80% of these bears will be black, we do harvest chocolate and cinnamon phase animals in some areas. Skull sizes average over 19"; several animals each year record over 20". Black bear populations are high in our area with an excellent opportunity for hunters to harvest a "once in a lifetime" trophy. Recommended rifle - 300 Win Mag or larger with variable scope and 200 grain bullets.


We offer limited hunts for Spring Coastal grizzly in combination with Black bear and wolf. These trips are conducted along the mainland coastline and its river estuaries. Bears migrate to the coastal beaches and grassy estuaries in the spring while the upper valleys and alpine are still snow laden. When bear sign is spotted in a specific area, several days may be spent in the area to harvest the animal by patiently setting up in a blind or tree stand. These bears are unpredictable, fearless and the ultimate challenge to the seasoned Trophy Hunter. Coastal grizzly bears reach maturity at 6 to 7 years of age and attain tremendous size, ranging from 700 to 1,000 pounds with hides squaring 8 to 10 feet. Skull measurements average 23" with exceptional bears exceeding Boone and Crockett requirements of 24". The largest boar killed in our area was harvested by Harry Leggett at the Wakeman River in 1980 and scored 26 13/16", a Boone and Crockett World Record (presently number 6.) Grizzly populations are stable with minimal hunting pressure by resident hunting, which is managed by a "Lottery Draw" system. We offer only two Spring Grizzly Combo Hunts per year, which must be booked well in advance.

FALL GRIZZLY COMBO HUNTS: (Oct. 1st - Nov. 15th)

We offer clients an opportunity to hunt Fall grizzly in combination with Black bear, Columbia Blacktailed Bucks and wolf. These hunts are conducted along rivers during active salmon spawning. Bears are concentrated on salmon streams where abundant fish offer natural "bait" luring bears from afar. Typical hunting involves Spot and Stalk techniques with emphasis on glassing large sandbars and confluences of feeder streams and side channels off the main rivers. The bears are in their prime and often weigh 200 Ibs. more than in the spring. Hunts require patience and perseverance rather than stamina or physical ability . Average marksmanship with .338 or larger calibre rifle equipped with a good waterproof and fogproof variable scope using Winchester Fail-Safe or Federal Barnes X bullets are basic requirements. We offer four Fall Hunts per year and usually require one-year advance booking.


Offered on a limited basis in combination with fall grizzly combo hunts and are subject to weather conditions for safety reasons. These hunts are IXI and require physical and backpacking ability and stamina.


These hunts are popular as group or club trips and are conducted in areas where the beaches are glassed by boat for black bears during low tide and the adjoining clear cuts and logged slashes are hunted for deer and bear by 4 wheel drive trucks. These trips can involve "all day hunting" or can be combined with angling for salmon and halibut. September is our "driest" month with temperatures of +65 degrees F. and sunshine. Daylight hours are long offering ample time to enjoy all aspects of this traditional style BC Hunt and Fish Combo. Black bears are in prime condition with 3" to 4" of fat from a summer diet of seasonal berries. The bears frequent both the beaches and logging slashes giving the hunter increased opportunity of harvesting a trophy. Black Tail deer are out of velvet and in prime condition. Fat content is high and meat quality is excellent. Mature bucks weigh between175 and 225 Ibs. with heavy beams and spread up to 20"; a good four pointer could score 120 S.C.I pts. An ideal calibre rifle for this hunt would be the 300 Win Mag with both 150 and 200-grain bullet weights and 3x9 variable scope with waterproof covers. Good binoculars are essential with 8x40 being most popular.

WOLF AND COUGAR (Three wolf limit - two cougar limit) Sept 9 -June 15

These animals are abundant throughout our concession and can be harvested on any of our hunts. These predators thrive where deer populations are high and offer an exceptional bonus trophy to our clients. We plan to offer winter wolf and cougar hunts in the near future. Cougar hunting with hounds may also be available on a limited basis during our winter season.



These 3 to 5 day hunts for 2 to 4 hunter groups are unique to the Canadian west coast with exotic sea ducks being the main focus of the hunt. Harlequin, Goldeneye, Old Squaw, Mergansers, Bufflelhead, and Pintail are all indigenous in the area. Crusing the ocean inlets by outboard powered skiffs or blind hunting near creeks and salt water lagoons are the preferred method of harvest. Liberal limits and diverse species make for a well rounded shotgun bird hunt, especially when combined with fishing or big game hunting. Peak season is November, and is ideally combined with a "rut" hunt for Blacktail deer and wolf.

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