Letter of Introduction and Intent of Importing Firearms for Hunting Clients

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To Whom it May Concern,

I, Peter Klaui, am a Guide-Outfitter licenced by the Province of British Columbia under the Wildlife Act to operate guided big game hunts within my Licenced Territory # 100623 for non-resident hunters. Some of these hunters will be bringing their own firearms, ammunition, knives, and hunting equipment with them to Canada. I have supplied them with relevant information regarding the requirement to obtain a "Non-resident Firearms Declaration" (CAFC 909EF / 910EF) required by law to bring their "long guns" into Canada for hunting, and have it completed without their signature when they arrive at the first Canada Customs port of entry, where they will be required to sign the declaration, and pay the fee of $25 CDN to import the firearm.

I have also documented their need to obtain a temporary resident permit if they have ever been convicted of any crime, no matter the length of time that has passed. This includes DUI convictions, narcotics, etc. Anyone who has a past criminal conviction should contact Canada Border Crossing Services at (204) 488-6350 or toll-free in the US at 1-800-438-7020, or see their web site at www.bordercrossing.ca.


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