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471 Warsaw Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3L 0R2             

Tel: 1-866-401-9900  Fax: (204)287-8095


website: www.canadaonetravel.com

North Coast Adventures and Canada One Travel Planners     have partnered to offer complete one stop travel service to all guests.

Canada One Travel Planners is appointed by Air Canada and Northwest Airlines to promote and sell their Adventure Airfare programs. With airline trained staff and leading edge technology they are ready to assist you with an “Adventure of a Lifetime”.

Sample Adventure Airfares:

  • San Francisco - Vancouver: $287 USD
  • Houston - Vancouver: $358 USD
  • Las Vegas - Vancouver: $287 USD
  • Los Angeles - Vancouver: $314 USD

Stopover in Vancouver for $50 USD. Note: All airfares exclude airport fees and taxes.

Sportsman's Travel Insurance

We are pleased to offer complete insurance coverage specifically created for our adventure traveler. Visit the website at www.canadaonetravel.com for more information. Here are a few details:

  • Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Waiver  if you purchase our Sportsman’s Travel Insurance Plan within 15 days of making your initial lodge payment.
  • $2500: Sportsman’s Equipment & Personal Effects reimburses you if your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen while you are on your trip.
  • $50,000: Medical Expenses covers necessary medical expenses up to one year after the sickness or injury, provided you sought initial medical treatment within 1 day of the accident or onset of sickness.

For more information contact


North Coast Adventures

Peter Klaui

P.O. Box 1011, Campbell River, B.C. Canada V9W 6Y4

In Season: Ph/Msg/Fax (250) 830-7434 Boat Mobile (phone only) (604) 640-9470

Off Season: Ph/Msg/Fax (250) 539-5751 Cell (250) 830-7676


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