Equipment List and Trip Preparation


Our weather is not extreme and temperatures are mild with averages in the mid 50's being normal during both spring and fall hunts. Rainfall can be common and is the most important weather element to consider on your hunt. To be comfortable on your trip, your outer clothing can be normal dress for temperate hunting.


  • Waterproof Outer: coat, pants, gloves, and hat. Camo is not necessary. Helly Hansen type cloth raingear is excellent, especially with bibbed pants and hood - this is yachtsman type and readily available for boaters. Gortex is good but it can be overly expensive and too breathable.
  • Warm Inner: layered padded shirts, down vests, sweater, fleece pullover, jeans, wool pants or joggers, sweat shirt, long underwear, insulated and padded socks, warm hat with earflaps, gloves, earband.
  • Footwear: rubber knee-high boots, waterproof hiking boots, casual slip-ons with rubber soles, slippers. No waders necessary.


  • Firearm: 1 rifle, sighted in at 100 yds with waterproof and fogproof scope. I recommend 300 win mag or larger caliber with Barnes X, Winchester Failsafe or Federal Trophy Bonded bullets. 200 gr - 250 gr loads are best for bear at close range. Bring 1 or 2 boxes of ammo - new factory loaded and cycled.
  • Binoculars: 1 pr waterproof and fogproof - 8 x 40 or 7 x 35 - no spotting scope.
  • Camera: Waterproof digital or disposable is recommended. We have video.
  • Backpack: a small waterproof day pack is handy for hunting gear.
  • Guncase: hardcases are not viable on floatplanes, and are therefore left at the carrier for storage. Please bring a vinyl softcase with you.


Please travel "light" in regard to gear. Use several small duffel bags rather than one large one. Don't bring suitcases because they won't fit on the floatplanes, which also have weight restrictions of 24- 40 lb. per person.


Please advise me in advance of all medical conditions, dietary needs, or allergies. We recommend medical insurance for all trips, and also trip cancellation insurance for the full cost of your hunt.

Entry to Canada

Please ensure you have required documentation to travel to your hunt including proper identification, firearms permits, and airline baggage requirements post-9/11. It is your responsibility to contact your travel agent or airline before departure and obtain the correct information, permits, and international requirements for your trip. Hunters with any criminal record could be refused entry to Canada at the border including DUI convictions. View for further info or call 1-800-438-7020.

Discounted Airfares

Canada One can save you money and offer special insurance rates for hunters travelling to North Coast Adventures. Phone 1-866-401-9900 or see



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